Emmanuel Church | 3800 Old Town Road | Huntingtown, MD 20639


We want to help you become a fully developing follower of Jesus. As you follow the baseball diamond and "round the bases" with these courses, you will be equipped to grow in your relationship with God and be effective in serving Him.

1st Base: Membership

Becoming a member of Emmanuel Church means becoming a part of our spiritual family and navigating life together on the most important and exciting adventure you will ever take!

2nd Base: Maturity

Maturity means growing in Christ and becoming a fully-developing follower of Jesus, that we may better equipped to serve Him and His church.

Prerequisite: 1st Base

3rd Base: Ministry

Discover your spiritual gifts and your purpose through our 3rd Base class. Find out how God gave you your passions in order to serve Him and others.

Prerequisites: 1st Base, 2nd Base

Home Base: Mission

Home Base will help you apply your gifts to our mission of sharing Jesus. As you finish "rounding the Bases," you will "graduate" equipped for service.

Prerequisites: 1st Base, 2nd Base, 3rd Base