Emmanuel Church | 3800 Old Town Road | Huntingtown, MD 20639


Associate Pastor of Family Ministry
Justin serves as associate pastor of family ministry at Emmanuel Church. He has a passion for reaching out to middle and high school students in some of the most tumultuous, exciting, formative times of their lives, and connecting them to Jesus Christ who is able to transform them by His love and by His presence.  He works with students from the time they graduate from fifth grade to the time they graduate high school, helping them to become fully developing followers of Christ who are already making an impact on the world around them for the Gospel.  He also works with the volunteers in the Student Ministry, helping to organize and support them as they pour so much of their time and energy into impacting students’ lives.

Justin was born and raised in Jarrettsville, Maryland, where his father, John Manry, was senior pastor of North Harford Baptist Church for over thirty years.  He was born again to a living hope through the death and resurrection of Jesus at age seven, and baptized a year later by his dad in that very same church where he grew up.

Justin has been on a journey of faith and answering God’s call ever since. He volunteered with the youth at North Harford after graduating high school and helped start, then interned with, the Baptist Campus Ministry at Towson University – an on-campus Bible study and outreach program designed to draw college students closer to a relationship with the God who created the universe, and share with them the life-giving Good News of Jesus. Justin spent 2017-2020 serving as the associate pastor for children and youth at Harvest Fields Baptist Church in Pegram, Tennessee, helping create a comprehensive strategy of discipleship for children from birth to high school graduation.

Justin graduated in 2018 with his Master of Divinity from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, where he built a foundation of biblical knowledge he now passes on to the next generation.

Justin and his wife Rebecca have been blessed with two beautiful children. They enjoy going on walks, watching football (go “Commanders”!), and reading together as a family (mostly classics such as Is Your Mama a Llama?).