Emmanuel Church | 3800 Old Town Road | Huntingtown, MD 20639


Children's Ministry Director
Nancy serves as children’s ministry director at Emmanuel Church. Her goal is to create an environment where children will develop a relationship with Jesus and see His love reflected, while equipping parents to raise their children in God’s Word.

Nancy and her husband, Ty, have five children - Elyse, JR, Lindsey, Patty, and Lizzie - along with two sons-in-law (waiting patiently for grandbabies in God's timing). They have lived in Calvert County since 1998, when Ty’s job moved to PAX River, and have been attending Emmanuel since 2009.

Nancy grew up attending church only sporadically but accepted Jesus during a crisis at age thirteen. With no church family to disciple her, she memorized the Twenty-Third Psalm and Lord’s Prayer. After she became a mother, Nancy felt the pull to find a church family.

As a young mother, Nancy served in the nursery. It took being asked three times in two different churches to teach Sunday School before she took that step. She then discovered that she did not need to have all of the answers because God has already provided them and she would learn alongside the children. This ignited a passion for children’s ministry that has lasted over twenty-five years and still burns strong. Though much of her work now is "behind the scenes," Nancy's favorite times are still those when she is interacting directly with the children.